Abel Tasman National Park

This is the part of the trip that I didn't really plan for. I expected to use this time at Abel Tasman National Park as a 'recharge' place and relax. Well, I did anything but that!

Rain, Rain, Stay Away.

I really do need to thank my lucky stars. Day before arriving, I thought it may be fun to do an all-day sail. Upon arriving that night, I received an email that the sail had been cancelled due to incoming storms that would hang around until Friday.

Well, dang!

I studied the weather forecast for the next day to make an alternate plan, which would be to walk a little bit of the Abel Tasman Track, which is a long beach track that takes 2-3 days to complete.

It appeared that rain, although less than 50% chance, wouldn't start until mid-to-late afternoon, so I made the plan to get up and out early to make the most of it. The Water Taxi Company recommends I do the 3.5-hour walk between two Bays, where the Taxi drops me off at one and picks me up at the other.

I nod in agreement and acknowledge that I'll be on the 2:30 Taxi from another cove pickup point. I figure that's when the rain is bound to arrive and I would have been able to see a bit of Abel Tasman.

This track is AWESOME


I am overwhelmed by the scenery and grateful that I haven't felt a drop of rain. The track is well-maintained and very easy to walk. It's a combination of beach views and being under heavy canopies of fern and various foliage.


Is Gollum Here?

As you know by now, I not only love the challenge of photographing waterfalls, but also how peaceful they can be within their surroundings. I got a couple here, specifically at Cleopatra's Pool. And I can't help but wonder if Gollum is nearby!


Mushroom Emoji, in real life.

I even found a 'real life' version of the Mushroom Emoji! You know, the red one with white spots!?



I found a rope swing hanging over the beach. How could I say "no!" At this point, I am super grateful that my dad and I spent the extra 10 minutes trying to make my camera tripod fit in the suitcase. Having a tripod + timer made this capture possible. Believe it or not, got it on the first try!

More time to swing!

"I'll just keep going!"

I reached the water taxi pick-up point by 2:30, and the rain hadn't fallen yet. I'm definitely feeling grateful for this!. The sign for Maharu read 12.2 km -- I had done 11.7 km fairly leisurely. My camera card was full, and the clouds started to get heavier, but I still wanted to see more. I thought I'd do some 'race-walking' and make a go for it!

I reached the end in 2 hours, and boy did I race-walk. It was fun -- impromptu, for sure! I ended up covering 23.9km - which is 14 miles. So I'll call this the "Abel Tasman Half Marathon Plus!"


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